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Auditory institution of Bilan Gozareshgar

Auditory institution & business management services of Bilan Gozareshgar(official accountant) believes that nowadays usiy of relevant & reliable information is the most important decision tool in the field of the global economic competition. Thefone, it will definitely not possible to access the information without the services of audit instituation. Thus, the auditory instituation of Bilan Gozareshgar uses the best forces in the forms of the technology & work for services which are requested by customers.

Institute of Auditing and Reporting Management Services Reporter

Professional institution providing auditing, accounting, consulting, tax, financial arbitration services

An audit is a set of controls and audits that involve reviewing a collection of documents and financial information. These reviews also ultimately lead to a report in which the auditor expresses his or her views on the accounting policies used and the accuracy of the financial statements of that entity or business unit. To perform this process, the auditor must examine the financial documents and information and the internal control system of the collection and prove the existence and ownership of the assets and liabilities.

Auditing services include: independent auditing, internal auditing, operational auditing, special and contract auditing, financial and accounting systems, evaluation of internal controls, financial analysis.

Financial services are actually economic services provided by financial institutions. Financial institutions include banks, financial and credit institutions, insurance companies, stock exchange companies, and state-owned investment companies.

Accounting services include: accounting systems, accounting services / book preparation and final accounting, interviews and consulting on human resources, preparation of financial statements, design of financial accounting systems, evaluation of financial systems

The most important thing is to promote peace and reconciliation among the people. One of its goals is to reduce court appeals and to hear people’s cases faster. According to Article 189 of the Development Plan Law, which states the purpose of forming this council, it is to reduce the number of people referring to courts and tribunals, and to assign cases that are quasi-judicial in nature and have little complexity to the councils. Also, the top goal in handling cases referred to councils is to process them faster, which is an advantage over existing cases in the courts.

Legal inspection is important for several companies and businesses from several perspectives. Legal inspection of commercial companies is in such a way as to protect and safeguard the people who are associated with the company. In fact, it can be said that legal inspection protects the rights of all individuals, including employees, customers, shareholders, etc. In general, statutory audits are performed by reviewing the accounts of the financial statements.

According to the amendment of the Commercial Code on the appointment of liquidation managers and supervisors and monitoring the form and content of the liquidation, auditing firms can be familiar with financial and tax issues to monitor the liquidation, including legal actions during the liquidation, Comply with the notification regulations of the shareholders, obtain tax and insurance accounts and carry out the liquidation process.

The main goal of a business unit can be considered to maximize the value of the firm in the long run. This goal can be expressed in the form of maximizing wealth. With this view, instead of focusing directly on profit, the current value of the firm is emphasized. Naturally, there is a relationship between the current value of the firm and its value in the long run. If it is predicted that the future value of the firm is high, its present value will also be high because in financial management the value of each asset is equal to the present value of the funds that the asset will receive. Therefore, the main goal of financial management is to maximize wealth.

Evaluation means measuring, determining price, size and criteria. Market price is the exchange value of goods and services expressed in monetary terms. Accordingly, valuation is simply the pricing of assets or services and also revaluation is an activity that must be repeated to determine the value of assets and the continuous process of this continuity is due to environmental changes and instability of market conditions that need to be adjusted. Creates price. Finally, the process of pricing assets is called valuation.

Usually, any system consists of small components that work with a program or process to achieve one or more specific goals. All the real or legal collections that exist in the form of companies, institutions, etc., move according to a coherent plan to achieve their great goals, and among the various systems in the various collections, the financial system is the only system that exists in the whole collection. Is present and as the beating heart of each collection controls the financial flow of that collection. The financial artery of any collection is one of the most important flows that its maintenance and control is necessary to maintain the survival of the collection.

Arbitration of contracts is one of the dispute resolution mechanisms that has been created to eliminate formalities, increase processing speed and save time and money. Arbitration is mainly about disputes that are private and do not involve public order. The arbitrator or arbitrators shall enter the dispute within a specified period with the written consent of the parties and with the agreement of the parties, and shall resolve the dispute without any obligation to observe the procedures of the procedure. Arbitration shall be conducted by agreement of the parties and before referral to the judicial authorities

Reviewing and reviewing the opinions of the supervisory boards that have been issued in cases of disputes between the persons and the registration organization in order to accept the application for registration or in the possession of persons and antagonisms and conflicts. The original property or boundaries or contingent rights have been issued. Revision of the opinions of the supervisory boards that have been issued regarding the elimination of errors and defects in the regulatory official documents and the compliance of their provisions with the laws. Registration is paid on registration disputes

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